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Benefits of goat milk

Nubian goats produce sweet creamy milk. Due to its 4% to 5% butterfat content you will never experience a “funny tasting” milk from a Nubian. We chose Nubians for this reason.

According to the Journal of American Medicine goat’s milk is the most complete food known. It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements. With its creamy texture, and high mineral and vitamin content goat milk replaces many of the supplements people consume daily. Natural goat milk provides excellent health benefits in contrast to today’s pasteurized, homogenized, and refortified milk.

It is better than cow’s milk for most people because it is composed of smaller fat globules which makes it easier to digest. Goat milk can be digested in as little as twenty minutes while cow’s milk takes up to eight hours. This speed of digestion releases more good bacteria and enzymes in the consumer’s body allowing them to absorb and utilize the nutrients without discomfort, stomachache, or a variety of other typical milk allergy symptoms.

Goat milk is less allergic, does not suppress the immune system, and alkalinizes the digestive system as the alkaline ash it contains does not produce acid in the intestinal system. Doctors recommend goat’s milk as a supplement to mother’s milk for infants and for older babies. It takes a baby’s stomach just twenty minutes to digest goat’s milk versus eight hours for pasteurized cow’s milk to be digested. The difference is in the structure of the milk.