All-natural Chicken, Turkey, and Duck

Our turkeys lay only in the spring and only 1/3 the amount of eggs chickens lay making them harder to come by. They are large and speckled in color. Duck eggs have hard white shells that keep them fresher longer. Both eggs taste similar to chicken eggs, yet are richer and creamier and are loaded with protein and minerals such as iron. They make great omelets and scrambled eggs; add fluffiness to your breads, cakes and pastries; and make your custards, quiches, and flans creamier.

  • CHICKEN, WHOLE ROASTERS — Heritage breeds, slow grown. Flash Frozen, vacuum sealed $6.00/lb.
  • DUCKS, WHOLE ROASTERS — (Muscovies which produce a lean succulent meat) $8.00/lb
  • TURKEYS, All-natural, Heritage Breed — Fresh, vacuum sealed. $7.00/lb
  • CHICKEN EGGS, pasture-raised;(Winter prices) regular $4.99/dozen; jumbo $5.99/dozen
  • DUCK EGGS, free-range; $4.00/half dozen
  • TURKEY EGGS (when available in the Spring); $4.00/half dozen