Holidays 2017/2018

Listed below are our holiday offerings. All of our animals are humanely treated and free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, or any other of the nasty things that factory farms put into their animals.

We will be open Sundays, December 3rd and 10th, from 11-3, for cut your own Christmas trees. We have a nice selection of moderate sized blue and green spruce trees this year.

THANKSGIVING: Fresh Heritage breed turkeys approximately 8-14 lbs. We also have good sized free range Muscovy roaster ducks, 6-8 lbs. Our breed of duck were selected due to their nice tasting meat (See prices below)

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS: We have tasty 10 lb smoked holiday ham and good sized 6-8 lb roaster ducks. (See below for price list) We feed our pigs organic dairy and fruit products, and high quality breads which create an amazingly delicious taste. Many pig farmers feed their pigs a lot of junk food to cut down on costs, but the taste suffers. Eating this food will leave you wanting more, and it is the healthiest form of meat you can eat!

EASTER 2018: We will have boneless leg of lamb roasts, smoked hams, and roaster ducks.

For those who like to barbecue for the holidays we always have our grass-fed porterhouse, rib eye, T-bone, and sirloin steaks. See the grass-fed beef page for prices.

Please call Wayne at 603-345-0860 and we will be glad to hold something aside for you and to meet you at your convenience at our store. Also, we will be at the Milford NH farmers’market every other Saturday from 10-1. See our farmers’ market page for more details. We will happily bring your order with us to the markets.

Price List for our Holiday Roasts and Duck:

  • Smoked Ham $9.99/lb
  • Lamb Roasts: Leg of lamb, boned and rolled 17.95/lb
  • Duck $8.00/lb
  • Turkeys; All-natural, Heritage Breed — Fresh, vacuum sealed. $7.00/lb